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We are focused on the environment and recognize the importance of treating our natural resources with the greatest respect, so that they are available to future generations.

We also understand the impact commercial real estate can have on the health of the environment. That is why we encourage sustainable building practices, and in our Global Corporate Services business, recommend strategies to maximize energy efficiency, recycle materials and limit waste. These goals apply to Newmark’s offices as well as to the work we do for our clients, whether in selecting a location, building out space or managing an asset.

In our own workplaces, we are studying how to make our own contribution to state, national and global environmental initiatives. As part of this, we are considering how to minimize our future carbon footprint when planning office renovations and will continue to focus our attention in the near term on methods of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, increasing use of renewable energy, conserving water and reducing waste generation.


We are implementing sustainability policies and practices to protect the continuity of our business and operations to maintain and advance long-term stockholder value. These policies and practices include disaster recovery and crisis management protocols to minimize the impact of pandemics and other health emergencies and other natural or man-made disasters, such as the COVID-19 pandemic on our operations. We maintain two concurrent data centers in the United States, providing backup of our computer systems and capacity for our employees to work remotely during crises. These policies and practices are enabling our employees to continue maintaining a high level of performance while working remotely during the current COVID-19 pandemic in compliance with national, state and local “shelter-in-place” orders and in preservation of the health, safety and welfare of our workforce.

Our ESG Initiatives